When is the best month for golf in Scotland?

When is the best month for golf in Scotland?

Scotland as a golf destination is undoubtedly on most golfers bucket lists. One question that is often asked is ‘When is the best month for golf in Scotland?’ The short answer is that there isn’t one particular month that’s best and the answer can often depend each visitors requirements.


We’ve all heard plenty of stories about Scottish weather – but more often than not they’re just stereotypes and just aren’t true. Often, visitors to Scotland will experience dry weather from start to finish. Scotland’s climate is actually pretty moderate and quite changeable, although on occasion we will get really warm or really chilly spells.


‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’


Despite being a relatively small country, one of the most surprising things about the Scottish climate is just how much it varies from place to place. It’s not uncommon that you can drive for 20 minutes and find that the conditions are completely different.


The good news is, you can play golf in Scotland all year round, however it’s mostly just locals that play through the winter as temperatures can sometimes mean course closures, the use of astroturf mats and sometimes in extreme cases winter greens. The high season is considered to be from the start of May to the end of September, with April and October typically considered to ‘shoulder-season months’.


See below a number of factors that you might want to consider before deciding which month you travel to Scotland.



If money is no issue, then any time from May to September is a great time in which to travel and ‘typically’ experience the best and warmest temperatures. However, these are the most popular months and availability at top courses can occasionally be limited. But, there are so many other courses and hidden gems available close to these top courses that there will always be somewhere fantastic to play. During the shoulder seasons (April & October), hotel and golf rates are often that wee bit lower.



The temperature often dictates when the best month for golf in Scotland is for some people. June, July and August are typically the warmest months and average temperatures are usually around 16°C – 22°C (61 °F – 71 °F), however it’s not unheard of for temperatures to reach the likes of 26°C -29°C (78°F – 84°F). But if it gets too warm, you can usually count on a wee sea breeze to keep you nice and cool!

April, May and September are all great months to play golf and can all receive lovely warm spells but are usually a few degrees cooler than June, July and August.



The million pound question. ‘Will it rain during our golf trip to Scotland?’ Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this correctly and the best answer is “maybe, but probably not”. It can rain consecutively for a number of days in any given month of the year. History tells us that June and July are usually the driest months, but some years they can both receive a number of days of rain.

We always find the best way to prevent the heavens from opening while on the golf course is to invest in some brand new rain gear just before you travel!



If you’re looking to load up on golf and play 36 in a day then Scotland in the summer is the place for you and pretty much any month could be the best month for golf in Scotland. Scotland receives much more daylight than England and the rest of Europe in summer. From the end of April to mid-August there are at least 15 hours of daylight each day and the middle of June is when we receive the longest day, which gives us just under 18 hours of daylight and stays light until around 11pm. At the start of April we’ll get around 13 hours of daylight, and the end of September we’ll get just over 11 hours. October is when we start to see the evenings getting darker. Basically you’ve got time for 36 holes a day from the start of April until the end of September. Not bad, eh!


Course Condition

Greenkeeping standards in Scotland are at an all time high and improve every year. Usually, courses are in fantastic condition from April onwards. Depending on how quickly we come out of the coldest part of winter in February or March usually determines how good the greens will roll in April but they are usually up to speed and rolling true by the time April comes around.

Links courses in Scotland are usually at a high quality condition throughout the summer and especially at the end of the season as they have 6-7 months of being looked after by our expert keepers of the greens!



As they are shoulder seasons, April and October are usually a little quitter than the mid summer months of May to September. June & July are usually very popular months where most of the championship courses will be operating at near capacity but there will always be availability somewhere. September can also be a good month to travel as St Andrews Old Course is closed to visitors for nearly the entire month, which deters visitors who want to plan a trip around playing St Andrews Old Course. If you’re not planning on playing St Andrews Old Course then September can be a great month in which to travel.


Overall . . .

When is the best month for golf in Scotland? Well, the good news is that any time between the start of April and the end of October is perfect for a golf trip to Scotland!


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